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Hilary Pecis “El Verano”

Guerrero Gallery is proud to present El Verano, an exhibition of new works by Hilary Pecis.  This is the inaugural exhibition at the new space occupied by the gallery, and is a momentous gesture of confidence in the artist’s work. The paintings on view display honest depictions of the everyday objects and the living spaces that sustain the artist and her family; husband Andrew Schoultz and son Apollo. The weighted intimacy of these smaller and medium sized works reflects the artist’s comfort and confidence, and hold the walls of the gallery with ease and poise.

Pecis’s previous practice has consisted primarily of collage in various forms, and has always incorporated elements of cutting, pasting and reconfigured images. Since moving to Los Angeles however, her works have developed into a personal and intimate perspective on her home life. Leaving San Francisco two and a half years ago and moving to a small neighborhood at the southern base of the Angeles National Forest has shifted the artist’s visual landscape; what was once dense, urban and coastal, was now suburban and desert-like. Moving away from collage, she began painting these landscapes where she had found a new sense of enjoyment.

The birth of the artist’s son has also had a profound effect on her work. The demands of an active social life have shifted to a slower lifestyle filled with gardening, landscaping and celebrating with friends and family in more intimate settings, and a sense of fulfillment pervades these works. The title of the exhibition, El Verano, “summer” in English, is taken from the name of the artist’s street in Los Angeles, and also reflects her shift to the mellower tone of life in that city. Images of her home, street, and a slower life embody the warm, calm vibes of summer.

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