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Joey Enos


Opening Reception: Saturday, July 8th, 2017, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Exhibition Dates: July 8th – July 29th, 2017

** (Cue mysterious fog in a not-so-distant future/past.)

The year: 1962, and the animation studio Hanna-Barbera birthed two primetime cartoons that reflected the seemingly sweet nuttiness of American society through situational comedy. One was set in a distant prehistoric past (The Flintstones) and the other in the far flung future of 2062 (The Jetsons). Setting these wacky families in two very different time periods deflected the anxiety of the present in 1962, and with good reason. The year saw the height of the Cold War manifesting in the Cuban Missile Crisis – mere shadows of the political turmoil that the 1960s were to bring. This was also the beginning of the end for mainstream American Utopianism and those prosperous ideas of the future promised to us by motion pictures, Disney theme parks, and presidential speeches.

As an exhibition, 2062 creates a place both familiar and strange: a light and whimsical romp through both pre-historic and post-apocalyptic environments, comprised of materials derived from theme park construction–dense foams and glues invented less than 80 years ago. Meditating and playing with weighty constructs of pre-history such as the monolith, Enos ruminates on the mysterious intentionality of ancient forms through short-lived and flawed contemporary materials, exploring the tensions between past, present and future. And within these overlapping temporal themes, the combination and humor in Enos’ work contests the historical notions that building large art is serious, hyper-masculine and important.

The bright future that was promised in mid-century American rhetoric is drastically different from the global turmoil in which we currently find ourselves embroiled. Despite progressive movements, we struggle to elevate the human condition, and thus we turn to our various forms of escape. 2062 as an exhibition presents both as a commingling imagination of past and future projections, as well as an exploration of escapism itself–an immersive cartoon landscape underpin by the very real fears, aspirations, anxieties and desires that function as the motivators for these unrealities.