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Adam Feibelman

This collection of pieces uniquely encompasses the method and detail behind his art. For the first time, the stencils he hand-cuts and then uses to produce his paintings will be presented as art objects of their own. Deconstructed and reassembled, these stencils offer viewers an understanding of Adam’s practice.

Adam5100 hails as one of the top stencil artists around, producing works that evidence meticulous execution and a high level of craft. His paintings strongly lend themselves to the process involved with creating them. With the goal of truly exposing the process behind Adam’s paintings through the presentation of his stencils, this exhibition provides viewers with a more in depth understanding of the intricacy and intensity behind Adam’s work.

Adam5100 was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He took to the art of graffiti; a path led him to the California College of Arts and Crafts in San Francisco. His studies in printmaking and illustration won him the Yozo Hamaguchi award in printmaking, and a BFA with distinction. Adam5100′s paintings have taken on a satirical look, challenging concepts of modernity, using spaces as a language to describe forgotten places, and light to evoke their story and context within the present, our time. In the years following his formal education, Adam5100′s knowledge of printmaking and savvy ability with spray paint developed into a love and talent for painting using stencils. His stencils represent hundreds of hours of meticulous work and fine detail — the hallmark of his works. He continues to live and paint in San Francisco, CA, and exhibits frequently.