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Guerrero Gallery is pleased to announce its third offering since opening in 2010, “These Are The Days of Miracle and Wonder,” a solo exhibition by Alex Lukas and “These Songs Are True,” an exhibition by Matt Leines in the project room. The opening reception for both exhibitions is on Saturday, May 8th, 2010, from 7 to 11pm.

With an awareness of contemporary society’s desentization of the aesthetics of destruction, the result of a mutitule of visuals presented by the entertainment and media industries, Lukas’ work aims to call into question our collective acceptance of the urpan environment as an arena for disaster.

Lienes’ imagined world, which appears to draw influences from pseudo historical and cultural elements, is comprised of a society of extraordinary humanoid characters. Through intricate line work, detailed patterning and collage, Leines presents us with a collection of intimate portraits of those creatures, masked and obscure, that exist in his world.

Artists featured:

Alex Lukas and Matt Leines

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