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After a successful inaugural show in March, we continue to keep up the buzz by bringing you another curated exhibition featuring over 20 artists. Working with media ranging from photography and painting to sculpture and collage; each artist brings a unique personality and concept to the table. Specializing in their craft and pushing the limits of acceptance, all of the featured artists come together under one roof to share their dedication to originality and concept.  This show focuses on the artists’ natural desire to create and express what is within.

Featured artists:

Adam Wallacavage, Albert Reyes, Alexis Mackenzie, Andy Diaz Hope, Brian Cooper, Chris Yormick, Cody Hoyt, Cody Hudson, Frohawk Two-Feathers, Greg Lamarche, Jacob Whibley, James Hopkins, James Marshall, Jay Howell, Jon Bocksel, KC Ortiz, Kelsey Brookes, Michael Rea, Michael Swaney, Mike Davis, Ryan Jaenke, Scott Anderson and Ted Pushinsky.