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“Blaze” by GLEN BALDRIDGE // May 14, 2011

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to present “Blaze”, an exhibition by Glen Baldridge. Examining subject matter related to fire, getting high, mowing over, discovery, and being seen, Baldridge communicates themes of lawlessness, danger, self-ruined revolution, and innocence lost through natural curiosity. One particular theme within his work can best be summarized by a quotation from Werner Herzog’s movie Even Dwarves Started Small, “When we behave, nobody cares. But when we are bad, nobody forgets.”

Utilizing various forms of media, Baldridge’s new body of works is composed of prints, drawings and sculptures. Inspired by an assortment of visual and material cues, and through a lens of cynically dark yet playful humor, this exhibition presents Baldridge’s view on play, be it bouncing balls, running through the forest setting fires, cruising around, or amusement with sparklers and/or drugs.

Glen Baldridge’s work is in numerous public and private collections in the United States and abroad, including the Museum of Modern Art, the New York Public Library, The RISD Museum, Jundt Art Museum, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

(((Ω.))) by RYAN WALLACE // February 12, 2011

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to present (((Ω.))), an exhibition of new work by Ryan Wallace. Pronounced “Omega Point”, the show’s title acts as a representation in text of a term coined by French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Posthumously put forth in his book The Phenomenon of Man, Chardin’s theoretical “Omega Point” describes evolution as a process that leads to increasing complexity, culminating in the unification of consciousness.

As this title serves as symbol for a spoken term, Wallace’s works act as tangible visual representations of abstract interpretations and ideas. It is within this arena of translation that Wallace engages his practice. The artists’ meditations on themes such as Chardin’s manifest themselves in his works on canvas, panel and paper. As (((Ω.))) implies the language of coding, each work seems to speak an idiosyncratic language from its own unique universe. While this language invites interpretation beyond that of Painting, it refuses us any singular or literal one.

Making use of the gallery’s open space and natural lighting Wallace addresses these phenomenon as subject, medium and metaphor. In his heavily layered works he uses opalescent pigments, transparent sheets of Mylar, and even slashes, pulls, folds and curls the canvas. The physicality of these works along with their simultaneous appearance of the micro and macro, push the dialogue of how a painting acts as a picture, an object and as a plane that holds information. In Wallace’s vision information does not remain stagnant. As the viewer walks through the exhibition each surface shifts as the show appears to shimmer and fold. This continuous visual evolution changes with physical vantage point, reinforcing the artists’ concerns of time, light and the human condition.

Born in New York City, Ryan Wallace lives and works in Brooklyn and Amagansett, New York. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and a recent recipient of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts’ Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop SIP Fellowship. His multimedia works have been exhibited at The Brookyn Academy of Music, The Rhode Island School of Design, The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Torrance Art Museum, The Katzen Arts Center at American University and in the Schwartz Collection at Harvard. Recent solo exhibitions have been held at Morgan Lehman Gallery and the Wild Project in New York. (((Ω.))) marks Wallace’s first solo effort with Guerrero Gallery and on the Pacific Coast. A book published with Oakland based Land and Sea will be made available on the occasion of the exhibition.

BILL McRIGHT // Artist Statement

The son of two Presbyterian ministers, Bill McRight was born in Decatur, Georgia and grew up in Georgia and Florida. McRight holds a BFA from Winthrop University in South Carolina and an MFA in Printmaking from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He currently lives and works in Philadelphia and is part of the artist collective Space 1026.

McRight’s work includes linoleum cut prints, drawings and three-dimensional objects. In his most recent body of work, he has crafted shivs and handmade weapons from found materials. When making the shivs, McRight draws upon the traditions of the prehistoric, fashioning blades from shards of obsidian. The artist collects materials found in streets and at flea markets and repurposes them into crude weapons by utilizing discarded bits of metal, old screwdrivers and broken baseball bats, converting them into bludgeoning weapons. These items are given new life as not only utilitarian, but also decorative art objects.

McRight’s work is influenced by an interest in individuals and groups of people who exist on the fringes of society, including soccer hooligans, street gangs, prisoners and metal heads. Growing up with punk rock music and skateboarding, McRight is fascinated with individuals and groups who depart from mainstream society.


February 2011, San Francisco – artMRKT, a newly formed Brooklyn based organizer of art fairs, co-founded by third generation gallerist Max Fishko and longtime business partner Jeffrey Wainhause, will debut their first official artMRKT modern and contemporary fair this May 19-22, 2011 at San Francisco’s Concourse Exhibition Center. Featuring 65 contemporary and modern art galleries from around the world, including New York’s Nancy Hoffman Gallery and Forum Gallery, London’s Other Criteria and San Francisco mainstays Catharine Clark Gallery, Hackett|Mill, and Gallery Paule Anglim, artMRKT will bring some of the art world’s most intriguing artists and galleries to the Bay Area, and many for the first time.

Commenting on the growing number of Bay Area collectors and the West Coast’s art market potential, Fishko shares, “In many ways we are trying to push the boundaries of what it means to create a temporary marketplace for fine art. Foremost artMRKT is about the art, however it is also about the ideas, the energy, and the excitement that are harnessed and shared by everyone involved. Ultimately we hope that the transactions that occur at our event are more than simply economic. We intend artMRKT‘s atmosphere and approach to foster cultural, educational and intellectual transactions – and this responsibility we take seriously.”

artMRKT will kick off the fair’s 2011 debut with a two-tiered Opening Preview Party on Thursday, May 19th. Proceeds from the first half of the evening will benefit the art program for the University of California, San Francisco’s new benchmark children’s, women’s and cancer hospital complex in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. Currently in development, the ‘Art Program at UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay’ will feature commissioned artworks by emerging and established contemporary artists, and will support the world-renowned hospital’s overall mission of “caring, healing, teaching, and discovering.” Taking place during the first two hours of the fair, this exclusive event, followed by a VIP Preview Party, offers attendees first access to the fair, intimate opportunities to interact with gallerists and artists, and the ability to assist in funding the placement of significant artworks in the new UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay.

Further invigorating the excitement created by the San Francisco debut of artMRKT, cofounders Fishko and Wainhause have set out to create a platform for recognizing the strengths of the Bay Area’s arts organizations and community of supporters. Notes Fishko, “San Francisco has a number of elements that define its arts culture and while it would be impetuous to say that we can encapsulate them all, we can say that each year we will provide a vehicle for the exploration of the work, movements, institutions and individuals that drive this unique creative and philanthropic environment.“ One of these vehicles will be achieved via MRKTworks, an online and live auction created to benefit a selection of local arts nonprofits paired with participating artMRKT galleries who will each donate one work to the program.

Notes co-founder Wainhause, “Working closely with a city that so fervently embraces our goals as we prepare to host 65 contemporary and modern art galleries from the US and abroad in an amazing 57,000 sq. ft. refurbished railroad station, allows us to attend to the details at hand with ease and remain completely focused on putting the emphasis on the art and curating a seamless viewing experience.