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Binder of Women presents – Heat Wave & Reaching Point Break

Opening Reception: Saturday August 18th, 6-9pm 
Exhibition Dates: August 18th – September 15th 

Binder of Women is excited to announce Heat Wave it’s first collective show in San Francisco, and Reaching Point Break, a concurrent show curated by members of Binder of Women at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco. Heat Wave and Reaching Point Break reflect Binder of Women’s intent to highlight a growing number of important artists. These side by side shows allow Binder of Women to present multiple iterations of work and foster an continually evolving roster of Binder of Women affiliates/participants/artists/cohorts/comrades(?).

Heat Wave features work by artists Michelle Blade, Claire Colette, Yasmine Diaz, Jamie Felton, Kysa Johnson, Lindsey Lyons, Bruna Massadas, Maysha Mohamedi, Erin Morrison, Laurie Nye, and Anna Schachte. Referring to the new wave of feminism as well as the pattern of weather which deviates from the norms of the specific climate, this Heat Wave brings a slew of Los Angeles artists to the cooler environs of San Francisco for this summer show.

Reaching Point Break features work by artists Rema Ghuloum, Kristy Luck, Chinwe Okona, Sarah Thibault, and Ginger Wolfe-Suarez. Point Break is surfing terminology for the moment when a wave breaks after hitting a point of land jutting out from the coastline, creating an almost perfect surfable wave. The selection of artists above create work that in some way refers to hitting a point of transformation from one phase to another, personally, collectively, and/or in nature. Reaching Point Break will take place in a gallery adjacent to the main gallery.

Binder of Women (BOW) is an artist-run project comprised of artists Hayley Barker, Michelle Blade, Claire Colette, Jamie Felton, Kysa Johnson, Lindsey Lyons, Bruna Massadas, Maysha Mohamedi, Erin Morrison, Laurie Nye, and Hilary Pecis.

Conceptualized in Los Angeles in 2017 by painter Hilary Pecis, BOW is an independent platform for contemporary artists to share their work. This is a unified move to empower female artists, expand their reach, broach the topic of equality and consent in the art world, and take action to grow the number of works by female identifying artists in contemporary art collections. BOW’s inaugural project was a collective folio of limited edition works on paper by each of the ten establishing artists. A folio release party was held at The Pit, Glendale, CA, in December 2017, and a limited number of folios are still available at


In Tandem – curated by Laura Rokas and Maryam Yousif

Opening Reception: Saturday August 18th, 6-9pm 
Exhibition Dates: August 18th – September 15th 


Whether it’s the fluid combination of a range of disparate materials, or a tacit invitation to the viewer to organize and interpret strings of meandering markings within a picture plane, In Tandem is a group exhibition focused on the dynamics and politics of cooperation. Curated by San Francisco-based artists Laura Rokas and Maryam Yousif, In Tandem includes works by Jaclyn Tobia, Brandon Walls Olsen, Diana Lozano, Paige Valentine, Laurie Reid, Rachel Cardenas Stallings, Kayla Mattes and Lana Licata.

From the paintings of Laurie Reid and Brandon Walls Olsen which both similarly place the viewer in structures and unfamiliar landscapes through which looking becomes the pleasure of navigating these unique spaces, to the marbled ceramic collages of Jaclyn Tobia which explore a kind of earthy and eternal figuration; Lana Licata’s vibrant soft sculptures which reference everything from the vacant glove to the artist’s love for Snoop Dogg, or Diana Lozano’s organic and biomorphic sculptures which sit quietly gladly sparing the onlooker with their venomous weight; Paige Valentine’s classical ceramic forms which morph into a variety of forms and are adorned with intricately glazed moments from the artist’s past, to the inventive textile and woven works of Kayla Mattes and Rachel Cardenas Stallings’ who take wildly diverging approaches to these persisting forms–In Tandem places the works of these 8 artists in open dialogue, creating a space in which the objects and viewer engage to and fro within a delicate dance.