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Guerrero Gallery is please to present:

Aaron Noble, Ala Ebtekar, Alisha Kerlin, Andrew Schoultz, Andy Diaz Hope, Ben Venom, Chris Duncan, Craig Costello, David Jien, Devin Troy Strother, Frohawk Two Feathers, Glen Baldridge, Heidi Zumbrun, Jeff Canham, Joseph Hart, Libby Black, Paul Wackers, Richard Colman, Sean McFarland, Steve Powers and Ted Pushinsky.

Over the past two years, a lot has happened. New galleries have opened and many galleries have closed, but in the end everyone is doing their best to represent by working with artists they love. For many, influences grow and root themselves over periods of time, through different means of style and content. “Does it move you?”, is a question we’re frequently asked.

Our December show at Guerrero gallery is a compilation of artists addressing that very question. For us, these artists have consistently been a source of inspiration, helping mold our tastes and satisfy our cravings for creativity. With this show, we really want to honor, support and thank them.

These artists have all shown something unique and influential over the past two years. Through these artist’s works and actions, we find motivation. They’ve each shown a love and passion to make, de-construct, capture, challenge and grow within themselves, which is what we most wanted to capture and communicate through this show. We hope that their work and processes inspire you as much as they inspire us.