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December Group Show

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to present its December Group show, focused on the visual communication of varied contemporary painters.  Capturing moments from their worlds and translating them by way of their individual style, these artists create a language through their paintings that beckons viewers to interact.

The collection of works introduce messages that are cryptic in one form or another. Some of the artists more openly show what the intention behind their work is, some force viewers to take a narrative journey through their psyche, and some challenge users to become emotionally invested in order to decypher the presented moments. Through their studied practice of painting, these artists manipulate the norm in order to create their perfect balance of provocation and tension.

In our Project Room, we’ll feature a selection of works by collage artists that also communicate a visual dialog through constructed images and various materials.

With patience, language can be seen rather than read. We invite you to participate in the dialog between viewer and creator, and to decipher this collection of narrative journeys.

Artists on display in the Main Gallery are Terry Powers, Ryan Wallace, Victor Reyes, Alisha Kerlin, Hiro Kurata, Richard Colman, and Christopher Russell. Featured artists in the Project Room are Revok, Ben Venom, Matt Gonzalez and Jovi Schnell, and Lucien Shapiro.