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New York City, letters, graffiti and text all serve as sources of inspiration for Greg Lamarche. His collages incorporate found materials and a variety of commercially printed papers. The work plays with a profusion of font styles, word fragments and multiple layers and employs characteristics from graffiti such as repetition, bold colors, multiple perspectives and movement.

Born and raised in New York, Greg Lamarche has been making collages since the sixth grade when he used fire works wrappers gathered from the schoolyard as material. He began writing graffiti in 1981 and published Skills magazine during the early 90s. He has worked both as a designer and artist since 2000.

His work has been featured in numerous magazines including, New York Times Magazine, Print Magazine, Juxtapoz Modern Painters and Arkitip, among others. His artwork has also been published in several new books including, Graffiti New York, Ornamental Type and Piecebook Reloaded for which he created the cover graphics.

His work has been featured in the States as well and in Europe, with solo and group shows in NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Copenhagen and Stockholm.


Curriculum Vitae

Born 1969, Queens, New York
Currently lives and works in New York, New York

BA in Fine Art from Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, New Hampshire

“Timeless” at Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY (Oct.)

“Cut to The Chase” at Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, ON

“Things I Picked up Along the Way” at White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“Corrugated Cuts and Collages” at Reed Space, New York, NY

“Second Nature” at Riviera Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

“Simple Pleasures” at McCaig-Welles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

“Geometric Balance” (with James Marshall) at Show & Tell Gallery, Tronnto, ON

“Materialism” (with Aaron Noble) at Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“Common Denominator” (with Andrew Schoultz) at White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“Small Worlds” (with Andrew Schoultz) at McCaig-Welles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

“Summer Group Exhibition” at Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY
“Special Characters” at Compound Gallery, Portland, OR
“Cutters” at West Cork Arts Centre, Cork, Ireland

“Re:Form School” at Redu Projects / 223 Mott Street, New York, NY
“Down by Law” at Firestone Gallery, East Hampton, NY
“Letterheads” at 1000 £ Bend, Melbourne, Australia
“Get it Together Again” at Chicago Tourism Center, Chicago, Il
“The Alphabet Show” at Steinsland Berliner Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

“New York Then and Now” at ACA Gallery, New York, NY
“Get Over It” at Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, Canada
“The New Yorkers” at V-1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

“The Piece Process” at Anonymous Gallery, New York, NY
“Graffiti: Spirit of an Age” at Longwood Art Gallery, Hostos College, City University of New York, Bronx, NY
“Contain” at Anonymous Gallery, New York, NY
“All Together Now” at Pine Gallery, Ship Bottom, NJ
“Combines” at BLVD Gallery, Seattle, WA

“Homegrown” at David Krut Projects, New York, NY
“Cascading Mountains of Debris” at OKOK Gallery, Seattle, WA

“Spothunters” at New Art Center, Newtonville, MA

“Other Possibilities” at Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
“The Dreamland Artist Club 2005” at Creative Time/ Coney Island USA, Brooklyn, NY

“Word” at Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY
“The Dreamland Artist Club” at Creative Time / Coney Island USA, Brooklyn, NY

“Clash of the Titans” at McCaig-Welles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

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