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As a display of 21 emerging and mid career artists predominantly from the United States,  this show will provide an insight to the type of artist that we will be working with and will also provide an insight into the direction of the program being developed at Guerrero Gallery.  A diverse range of works is presented to allow the viewers and patrons to receive an introduction to the gallery and provide proper exposure to the multiple artists involved.  The artists selected each hold a unique perspective and have an identifiable language unique to their own personality and craft.

Artists featured:

Brian Willmont, Christopher Russell, Richard Colman, Aaron Noble, Ryan Scott Shaffer, Tim Diet, Ryan Wallace, Rogelio Martinez, Adam 5100, Hilary Pecis, Mark Mulroney, Ala Ebtekar, Eric Yahnker, AJ Fosik, Mike LeSage, Allister Lee, Cleon Peterson, Ryan Travis Christian, Marissa Textor, Shepard Fairey and Bill McRight