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Guerrero Gallery is proud to announce an exhibition showcasing the fluid crossovers between contemporary sign painting and fine art. Highlighted are both the work of professional sign painters whose work veers into fine art – a major installation by New Bohemia Signs – and that of fine artists who work with the craft and traditions of sign painting – new works by Jeff Canham and Stephen Powers. The graphic sensibility, playfulness, craft, and timelessness of sign painting are evident in all of the artists’ works, which challenge the notion that hand painted signage is a dying tradition. Through an admirable mastery of time-honored craft, these artists show that it is in fact being reinvented for a contemporary age.

Jeff Canham was born in Seattle Washington and received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Oregon. He began his career as the Art Director of Surfer Magazine. To pursue his artistic career, he moved on to join New Bohemia Signs as a sign painter. Jeff ‘s work has been shown around the globe, in New York, California, Australia and Japan. Jeff Canham lives and works in San Francisco.

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