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East bay native and surreal sculptural visionary, Joey Enos has the uncanny ability of conjuring a particular light hearted gravitas from even the humblest of materials – insulation foam and paint being the artist’s primary materials.  His work functions as immersive byproducts of a childhood raised on gag-filled Looney Tunes “Acme” products and hot rod car culture.  In addition to his sculpture practice, Enos has taken up a research role in digging up, archiving and writing about the iconic DIY Emeryville Mudflat sculptures that dotted the shore along the freeways 80 freeway, providing indelible memories for any longtime bay area resident.  With the deeply populist and carefree ethos of the Mudflat sculptors taken to heart, Enos will partake on his most expansive sculpture project to date, using the expansive warehouse space of Guerrero Gallery to create his uniquely disorienting environments.