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Joey Piziali. Michael Eudy. Lester Monzon
Also featured: Gustavo Ramos Rivera

Guerrero Gallery, October 15th – November 5th
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 15, 7-11pm

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to present new works by Joey Piziali, Michael Eudy, and Lester Monson. A glimpse into the ideas and processes surrounding painting and abstraction, this exhibition provides a selection of works that encompasses a wide range of styles and celebrates the diversity of contemporary painting. Works by these artists speak to the difficulties of categorization, and ultimately highlight the expansive scope of painting today.

Although stylistically different, Piziali, Eudy and Monzon are similar in their rejection of rigid fundamentals in favor of new, looser ways of seeing and making. Inclusive in each of these artist’s approaches is a nod to imperfection and reinterpretation. Perhaps non-objective, or reflecting/remaking aspects of our world, their artistic components of visual intrigue provide us with deliberately unpredictable outcomes. In Piziali’s words, contemporary painting lends itself to a “to each his/her own” way of thinking and making.

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