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John de Fazio employs quotation in a sculptural sense, using the industrialized processes of slipcasting and ceramic mold making to create ornate and politically charged takes on classic kitsch Americana, employing iconic ceramic forms such as the funerary urn, the toilet, and the bong. De Fazio’s over the top fascination, patience and painstakingly individualized detail paid to each facet of a kitsch ceramic mold has the effect of raising even the most banal ceramic owl or Mickey Mouse.  Kitsch, with its instantaneous power to assuage and pull at our collective heartstrings, functions as a kind of local anaesthesia through which de Fazio can deploy his own brand of social and political critique.  Whether it’s a heavily lustered funerary urn remembering the homophobic murder of Matthew Shephard, or an apocalyptic woodland cookie jar clung to by a rodent Ronald Reagan, de Fazio’s ceramics not only deliver biting critique – their appropriation of the ceramic mold, itself a tool of mechanization, works to temporarily derail and interject sensitivity back into the machine of industrialism and global capitalism.