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Laura Rokas

The work of Laura Rokas is woven from a quirky visual vernacular that intermixes a passion for cycling, the idealism of the California landscape, and an iconography of luck and providence. Working across disciplines, for Rokas material serves as a space for play, deception and transgression. The materiality of low and high are constantly under question, as saturated worlds of cardboard models are rendered in smooth oil paint, textile “paintings” are made from acid-washed denim and individually embroidered patches mirroring those of the machine-made iron on variety, and ceramic sculptures set on a bed of fake fur imitate the cardboard models used in her painting practice. The artist’s hand—that precious resource and final linkage from brain to body to material—becomes both an avatar for the viewer as well as a source of content in its own right, reperforming the act of painting within the space of the painting. In Rokas’s world, that hand is made from cardboard, is painting a crude portrait of an idealized rose, and features an oversized set of perfectly painted bright red fingernails.