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Guerrero Gallery presents “Leave the Beef on the BBQ”, a summer showcase dedicated to exposing the accomplishments of a diverse selection of established, mid-career, and emerging graffiti writers. Through a collection of work characterized by both old school tradition and contemporary styling, we witness the range of these artists’ influences and capabilities by way of common roots in graffiti culture and practice.

Graffiti has been an active subculture since the 70s. A platform for individuals, which serves as a form of communication amongst peers and the public, it remains one of the purest American art forms in existence. The art of writing and drawing on public space surfaces has provided a foundation for the development of new art forms and has influenced the prominent nature of the street art movement. The cultural relevance of our featured artists’ work is evidenced in the dynamic outcomes of their craft, where integration of present-day methods from the new school have promoted the creation innovative outlets, while conventional modes of the old school have and will continue to greatly impact generations.

The title of the show playfully suggests the unification of graffiti writers who come from different backgrounds and ideals. Under the shared vision of creating a powerful exhibition that speaks to the inherent diversity of contextual styles within the graffiti subculture, we still remain true to each individual writers voice and what the craft is all about. When presented together, these artists’ work provide a narrative that depicts the involved evolution of the graffiti art form; Examined individually, these works lend to the unlimited possibilities of these pioneering artists’ influence in the art world.

This show, a bridge between the world of fine art and what graffiti has been, is and will become, represents the roots of Guerrero Gallery. Without graffiti and our community of associated friends, we wouldn’t be here today. This show was developed to express our love and support for the graffiti trade and its future, which we believe should be actively recognized and understood.

Featured artists include: Jurne, Horfe, Crash, Rammellzee, IZ THE WIZ, Cap, Ces, Yes 2, Vogue, Erupto 327, OBLVN, Con, Cense, Remio, Bates, Skuf, Min, Med, Dondi, Joker, Lead, Nope, Jash, Omens, Jase, VFR, Cope 2, Indie 184, Queen Andrea, Anger, Axis, Spray, Jenks, Bio, Nicer, Renos, MQ, Quake, Curve TGE, Wand, Monk, Estria, Dmote, Faust, Gorey, Saze, Smash 137, Geso, Yen 34, Enron, Dr. Sex, Ceave, Voice, EwokOne, Kaput, ORFN, Oze 108, Vans the Omega, Claw Money, Pez, Dceve, S8N, Jick, Sibl, Egs, Nmph, BG 183, Kuma, Pemex, Evade, OE3.

Contributing curators are: Metal Man Ed, Roger Gastman, Tim Diet, and Mr. Kiji.

Please join us for great music by: DJ Kool Breeze.
Also, feel free to bring your own food for the BBQ.  You bring it, we’ll grill it!