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Guerrero Gallery is pleased to announce Materialism, an exhibition by Greg Lamarche and Aaron Noble. This show presents the unique stylistic design of each artist, where meticulousness, flow and composition are a common characteristic. The artists’ re-appropriation of images through collage work and other mediums, drawing influence from graffiti to comic books, seem to evoke a sense of reminiscent nostalgia. Materialism is an examination of the love and thoughtful consideration that Lamarche and Noble give to the raw materials utilized in their work, all reused and pieced from other items that had been produced for consumption.

Greg Lamarche’s collage work is inspired from many years of writing graffiti in NYC and The City itself, where letters and words are his primary source of imagery. He employs graffiti elements through the deconstruction of letters, movement, repetition and layering. Utilizing vintage paper, Lamarche gives discarded, forgotten things a second life and new meaning. The exhibition will feature new works from his O Series, consisting of controlled graphic collages; Remnant Series, composed of abstract letterforms, created from leftover shards of paper from previous collages, which create the O Series; and Diamond Series, which explores the negative shapes created by letters and their resulting abstract quality. Lamarche’s continued interest in expanding and transforming letterforms into endless possibilities is evident in his featured works.

Aaron Noble’s work is an investigation of superhero cartooning. His practice begins with a literal dissection of contemporary superhero comics, where he looks for interesting forms embedded within printed figurative artwork. He progresses by creating new forms out of those fragments. The resulting collage is the first iteration of the work, and the model for subsequent versions on paper, canvas, and/or wall. Noble developed this practice in the Mission district of San Francisco, as a synthesis of three distinct forms: murals, collage, and comics. The exhibition will feature new works by Noble that consist of multiple iterations of ideas, including, for the first time, the original collages. Several works will appear in at least three forms: as collage; as ink on bristol board; and as gouache on watercolor paper.


Greg Lamarche, born and raised in New York City, has been making collages since the sixth grade. He began writing graffiti in 1981 and published Skills magazine during the early 90s. His work plays with a profusion of font styles, word fragments and multiple layers and employs characteristics from graffiti such as repetition, bold colors, multiple perspectives and movement. He has worked both as a designer and artist since 2000. His work has been featured in numerous magazines including, New York Times Magazine, Print Magazine, Juxtapoz Modern Painters and Arkitip, among others. His artwork has also been published in several new books including, Graffiti New York, Ornamental Type and Piecebook Reloaded for which he created the cover graphics.

Aaron Noble attended the San Francisco Art Institute in 1981-82. He cofounded the Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP) in San Francisco, which he directed from 1997 to 2001. He has done permanent outdoor murals in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Indonesia, Taiwan and Beijing; and temporary wall paintings at the UCLA Hammer museum in Los Angeles, White Columns in New York and the Davis Museum at Wellesley College, among others. He has shown at Blum & Poe and Track 16 in LA, PeerUK in London, Pavel Zoubok Gallery in New York, and many others. He is represented by Kaycee Olsen Gallery in Los Angeles and Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco, and is a member of Brooklyn Artists Alliance and the Artists Pension Trust. Aaron Noble lives and works in Los Angeles.

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