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New Normal Three, a group exhibition featuring Andrew Luck, Bonanza (Interface Gallery), Brandon Shimmel, Brett Flanigan, Carolyn Jean Martin, Chris Lux, Daniel Mendoza, Emmanuel Sevilla, Grace Rosario Perkins, Grant Gutierrez, Hillary Wiebemann, Isaac Vazquez Avila, Jennie Ottinger (Johansson Projects), Luis Pinto, Marcos LaFarga, Mari Monticelli (Good Mother Gallery), Maria Capron Guzman, Max Schwartz, Megan Chunn, Nathan Harris, Nathaniel Parsons, ORFN, Patrick Gainer, Randy Colosky, Sam Spano, Sean Talley, Sofie Ramos and Willie Young, opens on Saturday, May 30th at 6 to 11pm at 4115 Telegraph Avenue in Oakland.


Works will focus on the flourishing community in Oakland and creating a visual dialog amongst this growing community. All artists are currently working and living within Oakland and San Francisco and represent a portion of a colorful environment. This presentation is a collaborative and nurturing effort by all past participating artists from New Normal One and New Normal Two. Each past participating artist was asked to recommend an artist for this current presentation of New Normal Three, creating an ever-growing network and community.


New Normal Three is the third and final presentation of three at 4115 Telegraph Ave, a temporary gallery and creative space. The final presentation will continue to expand upon the notion of community relationships gathering artists from both east and west sides of the bay.


Join us for an opening reception from 6pm-10pm on May 30th. Test batches of beer from New Normal Brewing will be served, with all proceeds benefiting City Slicker Farms.


New Normal Three has been organized in collaboration with Guerrero Gallery.