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Guerrero Gallery is proud to present a collection of new works by Ryan Travis Christian. “The Second Banana” is representational of Ryanʼs exploration of integrating new materials through sculpture, installation, painting, and video, to serve as supporting roles to his drawing practice. In addition to the presence of new materials, Ryan showcases his foray into new content, with basketballs, hand signage, drug paraphernalia, gambling, cuddling, bodybuilding, jerks, ghosts, plants, books, youtube, homo and heterosexuality, tesseracts, the Fibonacci sequence, abstraction, and so forth.
The artistʼs third show with the gallery, Ryan continues his development of surreal narratives through his work. Emily Lakin, Membership Manager at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, met Ryan last fall- “I still have a fuzzy image of him in my head; He was a flurry of wildly gesticulating hands, brown curls and bright eyes… [His art presents] swaths of erased sections and hard-edged cartoon panels, his dreamlike and psychedelic moments are both entertaining and darkly representational of the inner workings of his brain. Wiped-away shading and darkly colored sections seem to intentionally keep us from digging too deep into the personal. As a testament to his craft, between the grayscale, Ryan retains control of both the medium and the concept.”
Ryan Travis Christian has had solo exhibitions at Halsey McKay in East Hampton, Western Exhibitions in Chicago, POVEvolving in Los Angeles, and EBERSMOORE in Chicago. He has been featured in group shows at Show and Tell Gallery in Toronto, Eric Firestone Gallery in East Hampton, MAMA Rotterdam, Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles, Baer Ridgway Projects in San Francisco, and Space 1026 in Philadelphia. He has also served as curator to a number of shows at some of these venues. Ryan Travis Christian currently lives and works in the Chicago area.

In our project room, we will be featuring new works by: OBLVN. Aaron OBLVN is a Portland-based artist known for his cheeky, mischievous, cartoon characters of yesteryear with a contemporary edge and clean and playful design work. Don’t let the content of the pieces fool you; it’s not all kids play. In addition to an extensive background as an aerosol artist working throughout the country, his work was featured in MoCA‘s highly praised “Art in the Streets” exhibition in Los Angeles and most reecently, a solo show at Klughaus Gallery in NYC