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Guerrero Gallery is pleased to present Man In Transition, a collection of works by Remio. Through the presented pieces, we experience the artist’s progressions from the traditional graffiti world and his development of work intertwining both street and gallery contexts. Enamored with both non-consensual public art and with a form of portraiture that follows the classic traditions of the practice, Remio’s craft is fused through an analogous stylistic purity. While his pieces communicate a rough and playful release through their visual freedom, their focus on the process of iteration is still highly evident. Remio’s body of work comes together as it drifts apart, uniting two variant practices to form a dirty yet strangely graceful aesthetic.

The most dominant component within Remio’s new approach are his “cluster-faces”, whose seemingly impassive and inscrutable stares belie their status as both portraits and meditations. Titled from a phrase, a place, or a person whom he is currently contemplating, the paintings – whilst purposefully colorful and accessible – aim to reveal the inner workings of the self. In Remio’s words, his paintings show faces “peeling back their exterior, the skin, the flesh, the blood, the bone” until all that’s left are the feelings or spirit of the subject. Colours represent feelings, hue and tone represent mood, and the blankness of the faces can be seen as a direct reference to the literal superficiality of their surfaces, their inconsistency, and the intertwined yet contradictory nature of inside and out.

Born and raised on a small island in Norway, Remio has lived a nomadic lifestyle for many years, travelling the world in constant search of new places to paint and new people to paint with. He first discovered graffiti in the mid 1990s, tagging the names of his musical heroes such as Nirvana or Zap40 (in reverence to the birth year of Frank Zappa). He eventually came upon his current name in 1998, reversing the alias he then used, Imer, and adding an ‘O’ in respect to the legendary Canadian writer Fatso. Having moved to Vancouver in 2000, he started the VTS crew (Vandal Team Supreme, Vandal Travel System, Vandalize Till Sunrise, Very Top Secret) in 2002, alongside Kaput and then girlfriend Acter. Remio’s dynamism and obvious devotion to the form has led to his membership to two other legendary collectives, Twists’ DFW/THR and Os Gemeos’ VLOK. Still holding his anonymity close to his chest, and revered as king of the DIY graffiti scene for his celebrated ‘zine Sleepner and his homemade t-shirts, hats, stickers and buttons, Remio stands as one of the key contemporary proponents of graffiti culture’s raw essence.

Written by: Dr. Rafael Schacter

Tim Diet

With childhood icons and trademarks representative of current day urban experiences, Tim Diet creates colorfully striking narratives through his juxtaposition of nostalgic imagery. His paintings are cleverly playful, evoking a non-judgemental yet multidimensional perspective of varied modern lifestyles. Drawing inspiration from his extensive collection of iconic relics from days past, his work communicates through fresh visual language that vividly connects to a broad audience.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tim Diet began painting in the 80s, sneaking out of his parents’ house at night to “tag” alongside his older brother. The graffiti lifestyle immediately drew him in and influenced not only his craft, but his persona and idea factory as well. Diet has traveled across the US, Europe and Japan, just to paint. His recognizable work can be found on streets across the globe, in numerous books & publications, and now in galleries as his unique style continues to develop. This is Me will be the first exhibition of Tim Diet’s full body of work.

Written by: Katie Pilgrim and Angelique Illusorio

We want to send a special thanks to our sponsors of this show, HUF, Heel Bruise, Lurk Hard, and PKirkeby for their support and providing the vision for these artists.