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Ryan Travis Christian
“Sad Sacks”

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to announce “Sad Sacks”, an exhibition featuring works by Ryan Travis Christian. This suite of works is a continuation of the works from Ryan’s last show with the gallery in October 2010. Continuing his investigation of memory, the themes explored in this exhibition include sex, lawn care, parties, dreams, entertainment, petty crimes and cars – all common things which affect our lives, and all things which Ryan views as aesthetically pleasing.

Approaching his work as a painter, and finishing as a cartoonist, Ryan creates an abstract problem for himself when developing his pieces, solving them through the incorporation of representational elements. Including historically loaded figures like naked women, water birds and snakes, his works create new historical dimensions for these figures, as well as open the range of interpretation of them for viewers. Through patterns and comic art references, Ryan develops surreal narratives that include characters that represent everyone, no one or something amorphous.

Ryan Travis Christian has had solo exhibitions at galleries such as Western Exhibitions in Chicago, POVEvolving in Los Angeles, and EBERSMOORE in Chicago. He lives and works in the Chicago area.

Chris Duncan & Jason Michael Leggiere
“Sound and Shape”

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to announce the first collaborative effort by bay area based artists Jason Michael Leggiere and Christopher Robin Duncan. “Sound and Shape” is an audience participatory and optically challenging sound sculpture based on basic triangular shapes. The negative space of the sculpture is filled with stretched piano wire (think post-modern harp), intended to be touched, felt or played by visitors. A horn speaker at the base of the sculpture, powered by hand built tube electronics, emits resulting amplified tones. Resting upon a mirrored floor that revisualizes the sculpture’s triangles into diamonds, viewers can easily become engulfed by the sonic and visual noise.

Chris Duncan has had solo exhibitions at galleries such as Baer Ridgeway Exhibitions and Gregory Lind Gallery in San Francisco, Jeff Bailey Gallery in New York, Motel Gallery in Portland, Lump gallery in Raleigh, and Nakaochiai Gallery in Tokyo. His work is included in the collection of the Berkeley Art Museum. Duncan was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, and currently lives and works in Oakland, CA.

Jason Michael Leggiere grew up on the late eighties punk and alternative rock scene in Los Angeles before moving to San Francisco to study painting at the SFAI. He was the director of a small contemporary art gallery called Quotidian for five years. He continues to live and paint, as well as raise a family and build his own tube audio equipment, in San Francisco.

Over the duration of the exhibition, Guerrero Gallery will host several performances by local musicians invited by Duncan and Leggiere. While some performances will incorporate it as a primary instrument, others will include it as a conceptual invocation of sound by its mere presence.

March 12, Sat, 9pm: Jason Leggiere, Collin McKelvey, Chris Duncan
March 18, Fri, 9pm: Jefre Cantu
March 23, Wed, 9pm: Caryl Kientz
March 25, Fri, 9pm: Joe Colley
March 27, Sun 6pm: Julia Mazawa-Lissom
March 30, Wed, 9pm: Kadet Kuhne
March 31, Thu, 9pm: Joshua Churchill
April 2, Sat, 9pm: Danny Grody, Marielle Jakobson

To download a .PDF of the show press release click here.