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Guerrero Gallery is proud to announce an exhibition showcasing the fluid crossovers between contemporary sign painting and fine art. Highlighted are both the work of professional sign painters whose work veers into fine art – a major installation by New Bohemia Signs – and that of fine artists who work with the craft and traditions of sign painting – new works by Jeff Canham and Stephen Powers. The graphic sensibility, playfulness, craft, and timelessness of sign painting are evident in all of the artists’ works, which challenge the notion that hand painted signage is a dying tradition. Through an admirable mastery of time-honored craft, these artists show that it is in fact being reinvented for a contemporary age.

Stephen Powers was born and raised in Philadelphia. Once the publisher of On the Go Magazine and a full-time graffiti writer (ESPO), Powers has dedicated himself to a career as an artist since 1999. In 2000’s Street Market hosted by Deitch Projects in NY, his work was featured alongside that of Barry McGee and Todd James; This year, they collaborated again for Street Market 2, which was hosted by the MOCA. In 2005, Powers partnered with Creative Time to curate “The Dreamland Artists Club”, a project which commissioned over 45 artists to help Coney Island merchants by repainting their signs and rides. Awarded a Fulbright scholar in 2007, Powers used the grant to paint a love story in the streets of Dublin and Belfast. Building off of what he started in Ireland, Powers and his crew (ICY) continue with an ongoing mural project in Philadelphia titled A Love Letter for You. Steve Powers’ work has been shown at the Venice and Liverpool Biennials, The Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, The Luggage Store in San Francisco, and Deitch Gallery in New York. Steve Powers lives and works in Manhattan.


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