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Ted Pushinsky, a local native to the San Francisco scene, has been a street photographer since the early ‘70’s capturing moments of adolescent expression, public performance, individual ambiguities, law enforcement, misfortune and narrative mysteries. His relationship to subjects and events comes across as highly personal, and takes the viewer deep into the complexities of civilization. Pushinsky manages to navigate complex subject matter with a powerful sense of empathy and compassion that is reflected throughout his work.

Shooting black and white photographs for over forty-years, his photos occasionally give hints to the era in which they were taken. However, more often than not, the time frame of each photo is shrouded in mystery. This mystery is a definitive characteristic of Pushinsky’s oeuvre. Each photo seems to portray scenes that leave the viewer thirsting in vain for an explanation. Pushinsky’s years of experience are apparent in his masterful ability to capture sometimes bizarre, and frequently moving candid scenarios.

Although much of his photography is taken internationally, it is clear that the majority of his work is made around his home in San Francisco. The local narratives he captures are complicated, and his honest and raw point and shoot approach has won the hearts of people all over the world. As a result of his dedication and talent, his work has been exhibited internationally, including shows at the Tokyo Nakaochiai Gallery in Japan, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 111 Minna Gallery, SF Camerawork and the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn, New York. The work has appeared in publications such as Newsweek, Dance Magazine, Boxing USA, Hamburger Eyes, Vice, and Fader.